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I am really great at one thing - Marketing. (I'm actually great at lots but that's not why you're here) How does that help you?

Well I can sell you to an employer by writing you a killer Resume and Cover Letter that highlights all your skills and how that will benefit them. 

I can also market your business. My skills in Social Media, Google Ads and Email will tell your clients why they need book with you. 

Scroll below and tell me if you're here for Career Help or Business Help and find out more.....



Click here for a a complete resume service tailored for you. I will write and design a Resume that stands out, put together a killer Cover Letter and give you tips and tricks to smash that interview.



Click here for Social Media and Google Ads Health Checks where I will show you how to find more sales for less dollars. Find out all about my ongoing Digital Marketing Management to save you time and grow your business



Hi, I'm Michelle. I'm one of these strange people who enjoys so many 'boring' things. I like studying, researching, writing reports, writing resumes and analytics.

I have worked for years in HR, Marketing and Digital Marketing and have developed a passion in helping people market themselves to employers and helping businesses finding the right clients for their brand. 

If you need help landing that job or you need help with your online marketing, scroll and choose a path....

I live in Australia with my husband and 2 kids, Eadie and Cash. Running my own business gives me the flexibility we all want when we have kids but more than that I want to show them what I can achieve and how I can help others achieve their goals too. 

Check out what I can offer, book in now or reach out and we can have a chat about your needs.